Snowgrass Merino - The Perfect Base Layer For Skiing

Well, Christmas is over and in the homeland of the Merino – New Zealand – everyone is at the beach. In the Northern Hemisphere, however, its time for that favourite pastime of Skiing! Thank goodness there is something to look forward to after Christmas!

Ski Base Layers

When I look over our Snowgrass range, I think we must have had skiing in the back of our minds when we were designing them as they are the perfect base layer for a budding young skier.

The Long Sleeved Tops are so luxuriously soft to be worn right next to the skin to give instant and constant warmth, without adding too much bulk. They are a good length to be able to be tucked right in, and then throw on another slightly thicker merino layer or two over top, plus their ski jacket, and your little one is sorted on top.

The Leggings, again luxuriously soft and lightweight, are slim fitting to fit right into any ski boot, and ski socks can be pulled up over them to lock all that warmth in, thus making them an ideal legging for under ski trousers.

And then for the head - the Snowgrass beanies are of the same lightweight fabric as the Tops and Leggings and therefore very slim fitting and fit nicely under a ski helmet. Thanks to expanding our beanie range we now have X Large for the big kids, so adults can now avail of these fantastic beanies as well. They are wonderfully complemented with a neck gaiter which are snug enough to sit nicely around the neck and long enough to go ninja style and pull up over the face on those real wind-chilled days. And on those amazing sun filled days on top of the mountain the beanie and neck gaiter ideally scrunch up to nothing and can be stuffed into a pocket without being in the way.

All of these base layer items are made from 100% New Zealand merino wool. They are specifically made from the lighter weighted fabric available (185gsm) to ensure they are the ultimate in softness and can be worn right next to the skin, without compromising on warmth. The light weight also means that if the clothes need to be washed overnight they will be dry again by the next morning ready for another day on the slopes. But also remember merino wool does not get smelly so chances are you’ll get your whole ski holiday out of them without even thinking about the washing machine! Also a plus if you are short of space in your suitcase as each child only needs 1 set of base layers. And if you are really short of space then the Long Sleeved Top and Leggings can double up as pyjamas – how’s that for economical packing!

Well, enough about base layers, go and enjoy and have fun on the slopes this season, there is nothing like being out in the open on top of a snow covered mountain ready with the thrill of skiing down :-)

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