Our Story



My name is Helen and I am the owner and designer of Snowgrass Merino Clothing. I am a New Zealander but I live in Dublin, Ireland with my Irish husband and 3 noisy young boys. Merino Wool clothing is very popular in New Zealand but not so easy to find in Ireland, and so every time we got to visit my home country we would buy loads for ourselves and also for our boys. So I decided to launch my own business so that families of Ireland, and the rest of the world, can see how amazing Merino Wool clothing is as well!

And that’s how Snowgrass Merino Clothing was born.

Snowgrass is all about New Zealand and it is also about keeping my connection with New Zealand. The clothes are made from 100% New Zealand Merino Wool, they are manufactured in a small town called Hastings in New Zealand and they are designed by myself, a New Zealander.

While designing this clothing range I focussed on getting back to basics and doing what Merino Wool does best - keeping you warm and comfortable. That is why I  initially concentrated on base layers in the Long Sleeved Tops and Leggings, as well as the Beanies and Neck Gaiters. As every parent knows, kids hate wearing bulky things so these Merino Wool layers are a big hit with kids. And, as it happens, a big hit with Adults as well. If you have been following the Snowgrass story over the last couple of years you will have noticed the emergence of Adults Base Layers. Such was the demand for Base Layers and Beanies in Adult sizes, we now have a nice collection of different colours and styles to fit all ages.

Myself and my family all love Merino Wool clothing, and we live in it, every day. It is so soft and so warm and so comfortable, that once you start wearing Merino Wool clothing you won’t wear anything else.

If you have any questions or queries then please drop me a note through the Get In Touch page. I am happy to help.