COVID-19 Update - We are Open and Accepting Online Orders April 07 2020

We hope you and your family are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. Here at Snowgrass Merino Clothing we are hunkering down and abiding by government guidelines and restrictions. Luckily for us the local Post Office is within the 2km range that we are allowed to venture to and so if you are requiring any Merino Wool Clothing (and we have it in stock - which is another problem altogether!) then we are still able to accept and fulfil orders. All orders will be packaged following strict adherence to hygiene standards so that you can receive your order in confidence.

An Post is currently still delivering to any address in Ireland and the UK. Some countries have suspended mail service and a full list can be found on the An Post website here. If in doubt, please email us at and we will check if we can get a delivery to you.

In the meantime, keep safe and keep well :-)


Introducing the Pretty Pointelle Merino Wool Vests for Comfort and Warmth November 18 2019

We are delighted to add to our 2019 Winter Collection a beautiful Merino Wool Vest made in the very pretty Pointelle fabric. Pointelle is "a type of knitwear or woollen fabric with small eyelet holes that create a lacy effect". These eyelets are in a diamond shape which makes the vests very pretty. But it is the ribbing which is the valuable feature of Pointelle as the ribbing traps the air creating a layer of warmth right next to the skin making these vests super warm and ideal for anyone who feels the cold. The ribbing also makes the vests quite stretchy so that it will hug your figure which, again, will create the ultimate in warmth.

The Pointelle Vests are generous in length so that they can be tucked in, and have a low scoop neckline so that they can be worn under shirts and low cut tops.

So if you want an ultra warm vest that hugs you then this is the vest for you! 

Take a further look at here.


Introducing Norsewear Merino Wool Socks October 24 2018

We are delighted to be able to offer a selection of Merino Wool socks from the New Zealand Norsewear range. Norsewear is an iconic brand in New Zealand and are well known for their quality wool products. Their factory is in the heart of rural New Zealand at a small town called Norsewood which was established by Scandinavian migrants who arrived in New Zealand in 1872.

Norsewear have a huge range of socks available from farm socks to ski socks, from welder socks to dress socks. We have selected a range of socks for everyday wear, hiking/trekking, sport and specific health socks, as well as a childrens range. All of the socks are 70% Merino Wool and are made at the Norsewear factory in Norsewood, New Zealand.

Merino Wool socks are our number one choice when it comes to socks - they are soft, warm, durable, don't get smelly and are easy to wash. As with all merino products - once you start wearing them you won't want to wear anything else!

Take a look at our range here and if there is something specific that you are looking for please drop us an email at and we will source it for you.

Check Out Our New Merino Wool Beanie Colours! October 12 2018

We are delighted to say all our new Merino Wool Beanies are up in our "Shop Merino" section. Yay!

We have some fantastic new colours in our Merino Wool Beanie range. In particular, we are loving the new Fuchsia plus the Leaf Green and Navy Marl. And we've got our old favourites back as well - the Blue Night and Lapis Blue, which are always so popular, Burnt Orange, Bold Red and a lovely collection of Greys and Charcoals.

Our Merino Wool Beanies are so popular due to the lightness and softness of the merino wool. Kids and adults, alike, love them as Merino Wool regulates your temperature so doesn't overheat. This makes them ideal for all sporting activities as well as on any winter day. And the slimness of them means they are perfect for under cycle helmets.

If you need help finding the right size please see our guide here, or drop us an email at

Merino Wool Beanies

New Season Colours On Their Way! September 04 2018

It's that time of the year again when the nights are getting cooler and we are waiting patiently for our new season colours to arrive from New Zealand. Our fantastic team in New Zealand sent it off last week and we are expecting to receive the shipment sometime next week.
We can't wait to see all the new colours and some exciting new styles to add to our collection. And, of course, we will still have our old favourites that are always so popular.

So if you are looking for something that is currently out-of-stock then please be patient with us. Keep an eye on our Facebook page or Instagram to be the first to know when we are all stocked up. Or drop us an email to if you would like us to email you directly.

#WatchThisSpace #WaitingPatiently


A Link To Our Name April 02 2018

There was an article in one of the New Zealand newspapers last week about Earnscleugh Station that farms 25,000 (yes, 25,000!!) Merino sheep in New Zealand. We were delighted to see the article mention the snowgrass tussock that the merino sheep feed on high up in the mountains. Snowgrass Merino Clothing is named after this same tussock which is the staple diet for the merino sheep when they are let to roam the mountains. It also happens to be the diet of the endangered Takahe bird, which is only found in New Zealand.


The Big Snow of Feb-March 2018 March 08 2018

We've put together a small photo collage of the big snow that covered Ireland completely from Top to Bottom. The whole country was white!

During this time we found the Merino Wool clothing perfectly ideal and so useful. The Leggings were fantastic under waterproof trousers, and the Long Sleeved Tops proved the best base layer. And best of all, if they did get wet, they still provided some warmth and dried quickly in between ventures outside. They didn't get smelly and so the same Top and Leggings were used every day from the first fall of snow on Wednesday, through to the final day on Sunday.

And it was the same for the big kids - the camisole paired with the Womens Long Sleeved Top over top was just so snug. But we missed the Merino Wool Leggings so we are determined to add this to our range for the next winter season!

Argh! Nearly All Sold Out! December 12 2017

My goodness we have had an amazing Christmas season, so much so that we only have 1 neck gaiter left (in the light blue) and we have sold out many of our beanies!

Also our camisoles have proved hugely popular (as suspected!) and we no longer have Small or Medium in stock.

If you are looking for anything and finding it difficult to find the right size or colour (especially in the beanies as it can be quite confusing) please email Helen at or ring her on +353 87 936 4412. And she will help you out.


Merry Christmas!


Irish Times Article - Well Clad for Winter Walking November 16 2017

On Saturday last (11th November) the Irish Times had an excellent article in their Weekend Edition on what to wear when out walking this winter. The article was written by the editors of the Outsider magazine, so they certainly know their stuff.

We were delighted to see that they highly recommended Merino Wool as the ideal base layer and said "there's no substitute for merino wool". They specifically highlighted that the "natural fabric is cosy and breathable, and, most importantly, it doesn't get cold when wet. It's also naturally anti-bacterial so resists odours - even if you wear it for days in a row."

It is so great to see Merino Wool get a fantastic review in the Irish Times. It truly is an amazing natural fabric that no other fabric comes close to surpassing. Only nature could produce something so amazing - thank you Merino Sheep!


For the full article please click on the following link:


Christmas Fairs 2017 - Where You Can Find Us November 13 2017


Yes, it's that time of the year again and we have been busy planning what Christmas Fairs we will be attending this year. It is not always easy trying to fit them in with our commitment to the Marlay Park Farmers Market every Sunday but there are a few favourites that we always go to.

So, first up is the St Enda's Christmas Fair on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November. This is held in the beautiful courtyard of St Enda's Park. The setting is so picturesque that it really is worth the visit. Last year we were entertained by the amazing Rathfarnham Ukele Group who are just fantastic. And Santa always makes an appearance as well which is a real thrill for the littlies. 

Next is the Terenure Village Christmas Fair on Saturday 2nd December. This is held in the public car park in Terenure Village. This is a fantastic Christmas Fair with over 45 stalls selling everything from hot food, artisan produce, craft and doggy gifts, plus loads more! There is always loads of entertainment plus the switching on of the Christmas lights in the evening makes it very magical.

On Sunday 3rd December we will be, for the first time, at the Rathfarnham Educate Together Craft Fair. There is so much happening at this Fair - Kids Magician, Karaoke, BBQ, Face Painting, Lucky Dip and Games, Make Your Own Gingerbread Man and so much more. Definitely worth calling in to.

Then there is our local Christmas Fair at the Ballyroan Community Centre, Library and Church on Wednesday evening, 6th December. This is always a special one for us being our local community with lots of familiar faces. Kids absolutely love this Fair as it's in the evening so the lights make it extra special.


There are another couple of Christmas Fairs that we might be attending but we'll keep you posted about those, both here and on Facebook.

It's Here! Just in time for the Family Fun Day at Bushy Park! September 15 2017

Finally our long-awaited shipment from New Zealand is here! We are dying to show you our new merino wool goodies straight off the boat and you can be the first to see them if you are in and around Bushy Park this Saturday for the Family Fun Day which we have a stand at.

We will be getting them up on our website as fast as we can but first we need to make a phone call to our official photographer! So please bear with us for a few more days while we get photos taken. In the meantime, drop us an email on if you have any requests or come and see us in Bushy!


Looking For Something? August 31 2017

If you've been cruising our pages you've probably noticed we're a bit low on stock and missing a few sizes, but, don't worry, we've just a received a phone call from the shipping company and our big shipment from New Zealand has arrived at the Dublin port! Yay!

So any day now we will be all stocked up again. There are a few new colours and styles so we'll be getting busy taking photos so we can load them up on our website, but bear with us, we'll be as quick as we can. In the meantime, if you have any questions just email us on or give Helen a buzz on 01 406 9713

Time to Pack Away Your Winter Woollies – But Not Your Merino! May 16 2017

Summer Merino Wool Tops

Yay! Summer is here! There is nothing like the warmth of the sun and the light evenings to lighten up the soul after a long winter (although, admittedly, the winter in Ireland was actually a fabulous one – beautiful, clear, crisp days and very little wind or rain, so we were lucky).

But now that the sun is shining it is a great time for flinging open the windows, tidying up the garden and getting the house into order. And one of those jobs is putting away all those winter clothes that keep us snug in the cold months. But before you put away all your wool items be sure to hang onto your merino ones, especially the lighter-weighted ones as merino is fabulous to wear in the summer months.

There are 3 Big Reasons for this.

Not So Sticky!

Being a natural fibre the merino wool fibres have the fantastic ability to respond to the air temperature and also to your own body temperature. When you are hot, merino wool will absorb any moisture from your body. This is because merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. So it will take any sweat from your skin and evaporate it to the air. This leaves you drier and fresher. Whereas polyester can only absorb 1% - leaving you in one sticky sweaty mess – no, thank you!

Not So Smelly!

Merino wool is fabulously odour resistant. This is also thanks to the merino wool fibre’s ability to absorb moisture and also to the naturally occurring Lanolin in the wool which is anti-bacterial. The bacteria that create the odour require a moist environment and thanks to merino wool and Lanolin, this is kept to a minimum. So, take up the challenge of how many days you can wear a Snowgrass Merino Top before having to wash it!

Not So SunBurnt!

Another great advantage of merino wool is that it offers full protection (UPF 50) against the sun. This is due to its amazing ability to absorb radiation across the entire UV spectrum. This is a fantastic benefit as there is nothing worse than discovering you’ve been burnt through some flimsy cotton t-shirt you’ve been wearing!

So pack all those heavier wool items away but leave out your lovely lighter merino wool items. And don’t forget our challenge of how many days you can wear a Snowgrass Top – you’ll be amazed!

What Size Beanie? Choosing the Right Beanie For You February 09 2017

Selection of Merino Wool Beanies

We get asked all the time about the sizes of our Merino Wool Beanies and what age do they fit, but it can be quite difficult to answer because, as we all know, heads come in different sizes, no matter how old you are!

Our Merino Wool Beanies come in 4 different sizes - Small, Medium, Large and X Large - but even then it’s difficult to assign an age to each size. The reason is because the right size for you is not only to do with the size of your head but it mainly comes down to personal preference as to how snug you like to wear them, and even factors such as the amount of hair you have needs to be taken into account. 

Even so, we’ve sold a lot of beanies in our time and based on that experience we have put together a general guide. If you are still in doubt please feel free to email us at as we would love to help you further. Also keep in mind that we do offer Free Shipping so it won’t cost you anything extra (and, just between you and me, we’ve also be known to offer Free Returns when the person has emailed us and are still a bit unsure of size) so the upshot of it is that you won’t be out of pocket if you want to return any unwanted sizes.

Size Guide

Small - This size is for babies. From newborns to around 2 years of age.

Medium - This size is from 1-2 years of age up to 5-6 years of age. (Although, we do know a man who bought this size!)

Large - This size is from 4-5 years of age upwards. Many adults buy this size and they fit perfectly.

X Large - This size is mainly for adults but some kids might prefer this size too, especially if they have larger heads (like our boys!)

But, like we said, email us at and we'll try to guide you as best as we can. Or, even better, if you are in the vicinity of County Dublin then come along and see us on any Sunday at the Marlay Park Market, and then you can try them on yourself there and then. If you can’t make it to Marlay Park and you would still like to try them on then drop us an email at and we can organise to meet you somewhere. It’s no problem and we enjoy meeting our customers in person anyway.

Hopefully, this guide will give you some idea and if you are still in doubt then please get in contact, we are very happy to help :-)



Great News - We Are Back In Stock! January 07 2017

Yay! Our shipment of Merino Wool Beanies and Neck Gaiters have arrived in Dublin!

We've got loads of new exciting colours and also a few of the old favourites. Please bear with us while our fab product photographer gets busy taking pics of the new colours so we can get them up on our website. In the meantime, if you happen to be near Marlay Park in Dublin then pop over to us to have a look. We'd love to hear what you think of them :-)

Merino Wool Beanies

Beanies and Neck Gaiters nearly out of stock - again! December 09 2016

We thought we had properly stocked up on beanies and neck gaiters to last until the end of the winter season, but they have proved even more popular than we ever thought and have out done our expectations again!

But don't worry, our fantastic manufacturers in New Zealand are on the case so we will be stocked up again shortly, fingers crossed before Christmas!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, or here, for when they arrive. Or drop us an email at if you want us to let you know directly and keep anything aside for you.

In the meantime, enjoy the build up to Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

What’s Happening This Christmas 2016? November 21 2016


Christmas 2016 is well on it’s way now! How do we know? Well, here’s just a few things we noticed here in Dublin, Ireland…

  1. Halloween is a distant memory and all the decorations are back up in the attic
  2. Smyths Toy Store is now open until 11pm every night
  3. The Grafton Street Christmas Lights were officially turned on last Sunday
  4. All the leaves are nearly off the trees
  5. The Kris Kindle list of whose buying for who has been made
  6. The An Post flyer of postal dates came through the letter box
  7. Advent calendars are in the shops
  8. Parents are starting to use that old favourite of “Santa is watching!”
  9. It’s impossible to book a restaurant
  10. We’ve eaten our first mince pie
  11. Turkeys are getting nervous
  12. It even tried to snow today! Fingers crossed for a white one…
  13. And finally, Christmas Fairs are happening all over the country

Speaking of Christmas Fairs, we’ve got a few favourites that Snowgrass attends and has a stall at.

First up is the Marlay Park Craft held in the big house from Friday 18th November to Sunday 20th November. We won’t actually be in the big house as we’ll be in our usual spot on Sunday outside.

Next is the St Enda’s Christmas Market on Saturday 26th November and Sunday 27th November. The market is set in the lovely courtyard and the brilliant Rathfarnham Ukelele Group are playing on Sunday. It is such a lovely setting and perfect for an outing with the family, especially since Santa Claus will be making an appearance.

Then there is the Ballyroan Christmas Fair on Wednesday 7th December which is always fantastic as it is held in the evening with all the Christmas lights sparkling.

And then finally Airfield are holding their first ever Christmas event. And as with everything that Airfield do we know it will be picture-perfect. The Airfield Estate Christmas Experience runs for most of the month of December and we will be there on Saturday 10th December and Sunday 11th December.

We hope to see you at one of these Christmas Fairs :-)



They Are Up! September 11 2016

Our fantastic new colour range of beanies and neck gaiters have just gone up on our website. We are so excited about the new colours, and are just loving the Bold Red and Burnt Orange in particular, not to mention the Vibrant Fuscia! Make sure you click into Shop Merino on our website and take a look yourself, and be sure to drop us a note on and let us know what you think.

Roll on winter as we are dying to don these funky colours!

It's Here! New Shipment of Stock Just Arrived! July 25 2016

Yay! It is finally here! Our big order from New Zealand!


And it is full of loads of goodies - all your usual merino favourites of beanies, neck gaiters, kids tops and leggings, but also some new colours (we are loving the new Bold Red!) plus Adult's Tops too! So now you can stay cosy too with your very own Snowgrass Merino base layer.

But please bear with us as we need to get some professional pics taken before we add them to our shop. If you can't wait till then just drop us an email at and tell us what you like and we can take a few photos ourselves to show you.

In the meantime, we will get unpacking and here's a little taster of what was inside...



Woolapalooza Farm Festival 1st & 2nd May May 01 2016

Today we were down hanging out at the wonderful Woolapalooza Farm Festival at Airfield in Dublin. It was a brilliant day with loads of people out enjoying the farm life. It truly is a fantastic place, right in the middle of the city!

If you get a chance to come down tomorrow it is well worth effort!


This is NOT an April Fools Day Joke! April 01 2016


Now on!

For the month of April Only!

Sold Out Again - The Beanies have been too popular! February 23 2016

Well, that huge order of beanies we got at the beginning of winter has been so popular that we have completely run out of all the X Large beanies and most of the Large ones as well!

Also we are very low on Neck Gaiters and only have Lipstick Pink left! Not a great option for the boys and men in your life who don't fancy pink ;-)

Dear oh Dear!

But we are not panicking and we are going to calmly wait for the new colour palette to arrive from the fabric manufacturer and pick a few new groovey colours - as well as stick with your favourites of course!

So please be patient and we will be doubling our order so next winter we have plenty of beanies to go around for everyone :-)

Snowgrass Merino - The Perfect Base Layer For Skiing January 14 2016

Well, Christmas is over and in the homeland of the Merino – New Zealand – everyone is at the beach. In the Northern Hemisphere, however, its time for that favourite pastime of Skiing! Thank goodness there is something to look forward to after Christmas!

Ski Base Layers

When I look over our Snowgrass range, I think we must have had skiing in the back of our minds when we were designing them as they are the perfect base layer for a budding young skier.

The Long Sleeved Tops are so luxuriously soft to be worn right next to the skin to give instant and constant warmth, without adding too much bulk. They are a good length to be able to be tucked right in, and then throw on another slightly thicker merino layer or two over top, plus their ski jacket, and your little one is sorted on top.

The Leggings, again luxuriously soft and lightweight, are slim fitting to fit right into any ski boot, and ski socks can be pulled up over them to lock all that warmth in, thus making them an ideal legging for under ski trousers.

And then for the head - the Snowgrass beanies are of the same lightweight fabric as the Tops and Leggings and therefore very slim fitting and fit nicely under a ski helmet. Thanks to expanding our beanie range we now have X Large for the big kids, so adults can now avail of these fantastic beanies as well. They are wonderfully complemented with a neck gaiter which are snug enough to sit nicely around the neck and long enough to go ninja style and pull up over the face on those real wind-chilled days. And on those amazing sun filled days on top of the mountain the beanie and neck gaiter ideally scrunch up to nothing and can be stuffed into a pocket without being in the way.

All of these base layer items are made from 100% New Zealand merino wool. They are specifically made from the lighter weighted fabric available (185gsm) to ensure they are the ultimate in softness and can be worn right next to the skin, without compromising on warmth. The light weight also means that if the clothes need to be washed overnight they will be dry again by the next morning ready for another day on the slopes. But also remember merino wool does not get smelly so chances are you’ll get your whole ski holiday out of them without even thinking about the washing machine! Also a plus if you are short of space in your suitcase as each child only needs 1 set of base layers. And if you are really short of space then the Long Sleeved Top and Leggings can double up as pyjamas – how’s that for economical packing!

Well, enough about base layers, go and enjoy and have fun on the slopes this season, there is nothing like being out in the open on top of a snow covered mountain ready with the thrill of skiing down :-)

Last Few Days for Orders! December 21 2015

If you are in Ireland then there is still time for some last minute shopping! Order today or tomorrow and hopefully if An Post are as efficient as they normally are then your order should arrive on Christmas Eve.

There is still time, but only just!