Introducing the Pretty Pointelle Merino Wool Vests for Comfort and Warmth November 18 2019

We are delighted to add to our 2019 Winter Collection a beautiful Merino Wool Vest made in the very pretty Pointelle fabric. Pointelle is "a type of knitwear or woollen fabric with small eyelet holes that create a lacy effect". These eyelets are in a diamond shape which makes the vests very pretty. But it is the ribbing which is the valuable feature of Pointelle as the ribbing traps the air creating a layer of warmth right next to the skin making these vests super warm and ideal for anyone who feels the cold. The ribbing also makes the vests quite stretchy so that it will hug your figure which, again, will create the ultimate in warmth.

The Pointelle Vests are generous in length so that they can be tucked in, and have a low scoop neckline so that they can be worn under shirts and low cut tops.

So if you want an ultra warm vest that hugs you then this is the vest for you! 

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