Irish Times Article - Well Clad for Winter Walking

On Saturday last (11th November) the Irish Times had an excellent article in their Weekend Edition on what to wear when out walking this winter. The article was written by the editors of the Outsider magazine, so they certainly know their stuff.

We were delighted to see that they highly recommended Merino Wool as the ideal base layer and said "there's no substitute for merino wool". They specifically highlighted that the "natural fabric is cosy and breathable, and, most importantly, it doesn't get cold when wet. It's also naturally anti-bacterial so resists odours - even if you wear it for days in a row."

It is so great to see Merino Wool get a fantastic review in the Irish Times. It truly is an amazing natural fabric that no other fabric comes close to surpassing. Only nature could produce something so amazing - thank you Merino Sheep!


For the full article please click on the following link:


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