The Big Snow of Feb-March 2018

We've put together a small photo collage of the big snow that covered Ireland completely from Top to Bottom. The whole country was white!

During this time we found the Merino Wool clothing perfectly ideal and so useful. The Leggings were fantastic under waterproof trousers, and the Long Sleeved Tops proved the best base layer. And best of all, if they did get wet, they still provided some warmth and dried quickly in between ventures outside. They didn't get smelly and so the same Top and Leggings were used every day from the first fall of snow on Wednesday, through to the final day on Sunday.

And it was the same for the big kids - the camisole paired with the Womens Long Sleeved Top over top was just so snug. But we missed the Merino Wool Leggings so we are determined to add this to our range for the next winter season!

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