Time to Pack Away Your Winter Woollies – But Not Your Merino!

Summer Merino Wool Tops

Yay! Summer is here! There is nothing like the warmth of the sun and the light evenings to lighten up the soul after a long winter (although, admittedly, the winter in Ireland was actually a fabulous one – beautiful, clear, crisp days and very little wind or rain, so we were lucky).

But now that the sun is shining it is a great time for flinging open the windows, tidying up the garden and getting the house into order. And one of those jobs is putting away all those winter clothes that keep us snug in the cold months. But before you put away all your wool items be sure to hang onto your merino ones, especially the lighter-weighted ones as merino is fabulous to wear in the summer months.

There are 3 Big Reasons for this.

Not So Sticky!

Being a natural fibre the merino wool fibres have the fantastic ability to respond to the air temperature and also to your own body temperature. When you are hot, merino wool will absorb any moisture from your body. This is because merino wool can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. So it will take any sweat from your skin and evaporate it to the air. This leaves you drier and fresher. Whereas polyester can only absorb 1% - leaving you in one sticky sweaty mess – no, thank you!

Not So Smelly!

Merino wool is fabulously odour resistant. This is also thanks to the merino wool fibre’s ability to absorb moisture and also to the naturally occurring Lanolin in the wool which is anti-bacterial. The bacteria that create the odour require a moist environment and thanks to merino wool and Lanolin, this is kept to a minimum. So, take up the challenge of how many days you can wear a Snowgrass Merino Top before having to wash it!

Not So SunBurnt!

Another great advantage of merino wool is that it offers full protection (UPF 50) against the sun. This is due to its amazing ability to absorb radiation across the entire UV spectrum. This is a fantastic benefit as there is nothing worse than discovering you’ve been burnt through some flimsy cotton t-shirt you’ve been wearing!

So pack all those heavier wool items away but leave out your lovely lighter merino wool items. And don’t forget our challenge of how many days you can wear a Snowgrass Top – you’ll be amazed!

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