Visiting the Home of Merino Sheep

The Snowgrass Team recently took a trip to New Zealand on a suppliers visit. We were very fortunate to pass through some stations that have Merino sheep. These stations are in the heart of the South Island where the altitude is high and there are views of mountains all around. The Southern Alps lie down the western side, with Mt Cook (the highest mountain in New Zealand) looming overheard, and other mountain ranges completely circling the basin.

We were there during New Zealand's winter when the land was covered in snow. The Merino sheep have such a superb fleece that this was just another day out for them. They truly are magnificent to look at with their beautiful curled horns and regal way of standing.

We feel so grateful to these beautful Merino sheep that live in such cold conditions and have such an amazing fleece that keeps them protected from the elements. And then we get to wear the same fleece, that has been turned into a beautiful Merino fabric, to protect us from the elements - thank you Merino sheep, we are so lucky :-)

Here's some pics that we took...

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