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Snowgrass Merino Clothing

Lipstick Pink Merino Wool Long Sleeved Top

Lipstick Pink Merino Wool Long Sleeved Top

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This Lipstick Pink Merino Wool Top is our favourite colour and we especially love it in this top as girls of all ages can wear this colour. Merino wool is the ultimate when it comes to base layers and singlets. It is so soft and light you'll hardly know it is wool. And it is so easily cared for as merino wool clothing can be washed on a normal cycle with all your other clothes. It does not need any special wool cycle or wool detergent. This Top is designed to be worn as a base layer right next to the skin to give the ultimate in warmness but it can be used in the warmer months as a lightweight fleece as well so it can be worn all year round. 

Weight: 185gsm
Fabric: 100% New Zealand Merino Wool
Fit: Slim
Layer: Base Layer
Benefits: No itchiness or hotness, keeps shape, naturally odour resistant, UPF 30+ 
Features: Long sleeved crew neck, flat seaming with grey stitching
Manufactured In: New Zealand 

Sizing Guide
Size                  Length                          Width
                        (from Shoulder             (across
                        to Bottom Hem)            Bottom Hem)
3yrs                      42cm                           29cm
4yrs - 5yrs           45cm                            31cm
6yrs - 7yrs           47cm                            33cm
8yrs - 9yrs           52cm                            36cm
10yrs - 11yrs       54cm                            39cm


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