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Snowgrass Merino Clothing

Powder Pink Merino Wool Leggings

Powder Pink Merino Wool Leggings

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These lovely Powder Pink Merino Wool Leggings are fabulous for everything - under dresses, under sport shorts, under hiking gear, under ski gear, as pyjama bottoms… you name it! Merino Wool Leggings are ideal for the winter months as they are slim and light to easily fit under other clothing, and are also warm enough to be worn with a skirt or dress. They are perfect for skiing or any outdoor adventure as they will keep your child warm even if they are wet - a remarkable wool trait! The softness also make them a much-loved pyjama bottom, and paired with a Merino Wool Top is the ultimate in bedtime comfort!

Weight: 185gsm 
Fabric: 100% New Zealand Merino Wool
Fit: Slim
Layer: Outer Layer
Benefits: No itchiness or hotness, keeps shape
Features: Slim fitting to fit under ski trousers and outdoor gear
Manufactured In: New Zealand

Sizing Guide
Size                 Outside Leg
3yrs                 47cm
4yrs - 5yrs       54cm
6yrs - 7yrs       65cm
8yrs - 9yrs       77cm
10yrs - 11yrs   86cm

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