Soft White Merino Wool Long Sleeved Top


This lovely top in a soft white colour is perfectly designed to be worn under the school uniform as a long sleeved singlet. And for a really hip look in the weekends throw a funky short sleeved t-shirt over the top of it.

So then you can have one very nice, warm, happy school child as well as a happy go-lucky kid in the weekends :-)

Weight: 185gsm
Fabric: 100% New Zealand Merino Wool
Fit: Slim
Layer: Base Layer
Benefits: No itchiness or hotness, keeps shape, naturally odour resistant, UPF 30+ 
Features: Long sleeved crew neck, flat seaming 
Manufactured In: New Zealand 

Sizing Guide
Size                  Length                          Width
                        (from Shoulder             (across
                        to Bottom Hem)            Bottom Hem)
3yrs                      42cm                           29cm
4yrs - 5yrs           45cm                            31cm
6yrs - 7yrs           47cm                            33cm
8yrs - 9yrs           52cm                            36cm
10yrs - 11yrs       54cm                            39cm

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