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Snowgrass Merino Clothing

Possum Fur Wool Gloves

Possum Fur Wool Gloves

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These beautiful Possum Fur Wool gloves made by 70 Mile Bush in New Zealand are beautifully soft and warm. The wool traps the air in its super-fine fibres causing an insulating affect against the cold, thus ensuring your hands are extra warm this winter, and the Possum Fur gives the gloves are beautiful softness.

Fabric: 42% Wool, 28% Possum Fur, 28% Nylon, 2% Lycra
Length: Over Wrist
Benefits: No itchiness or hotness, keeps shape, soft on the skin
Features: Fire resistant, odour resistant, sun protection
Manufactured By: 70 Mile Bush
Made In: New Zealand

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Size Guide:

Wrist to Tip of Middle Finger:
XS = 15cm
S = 17cm
M = 18.5cm
L = 20cm
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